Well, if you have come this far you are interested in learning more. Please contact our Band Manager George March for more information at 978-745-4838 or info@tulachard.org . We are rapidly adding to our already impressive line-up of pipers and drummers and this necessitates the purchase of new kilts, jackets, etc. In addition to the normal expenses, Tulach Ārd's primary focus is to climb the competition ladder as quickly as humanly possible. The Band was promoted to Grade 2 in 1998: the highest competition grade in the U.S. Tulach Ārd garnered the title of EUSPBA Season Champions for the 2002 competition season and tied for 2nd place in the 2001 & 2000 Season Championships. The Band is currently planning a trip to Scotland in 2003

Donations of any amount are gladly accepted. Please click on the Make a Donation button below or mail your donation to: Tulach Ard Pipe Band, 26 Orne Street, Salem, MA 01970. All donations should be payable to Tulach Ard, Inc..


Tulach Ārd Pipe Band is incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.