Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival 2016

TAPB warming up before competing at our first-ever attendance at the Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival. The Band went on to take 2nd place in a field of 4 bands.

Winter band rehearsal 2015

Part of our snare section practicing at the Evolving Artists studio in Southbridge, MA. This was the site for our monthly weekend rehearsals in 2003-2004.

Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival 2015

A truly beautiful setting for the first annual Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival, held in July 2003 in Sutton, MA. The Band will return to the Festival in 2004.

St. Patrick's Day Concert 2014

Two photos from our first annual St. Patrick's Day concert, held in Watertown, MA. The first photo features two of our youngest fans and the 2nd shows the Band during the second half of our stage presentation.


Loon Mountain 2014

Need we say more? The last ever Highland Games to be held at the legendary Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hamspshire. Perfect weather capped by an excellent performance. The Band is pictured here marching Up to the Line for the Grade 2 Medley contest. We later had the honor of marching off the parade field after winning the event.